A&P RR G-16 582

Arizona and Pacific Railroad

G16 582

G16 Engine #582

History of the Arizona and Pacific Railroad Engine G16 #582

          Our G16, No. 582, first operated in Indianapolis at the short-lived Little America Amusement Park. It was originally shipped on October 29, 1951. Little is known of its operation or whereabouts until it was acquired by a park train broker outside of Chicago in the early 1990s. From there it went to northern California before we acquired her and moved her to Arizona for restoration.


G16 #582 Awaiting Restoration


Stored in Gilbert Arizona Prior to Beginning Restoration at the A&P RR


G16 #582 Restored Dashboard


Restored Hand Valves

          Only one of the coaches is original to the No. 582. The other two coaches are from train No. 504 and No. 506 each of which ran at Riverview Park in Chicago. We recently acquired our “B” unit on the California coast without a builder’s plate so that provenance is unknown. If you can fill in any of the blanks in the history of our G16 or correct any of our mistakes, we welcome your input. We would also love to have any photographs that might exist of her anywhere…


Moving the B Unit to Peoria


G16 #582 During Restoration at the A&P RR Shops

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