2010 Arizona and Pacific RR Current Projects

Arizona & Pacific RR Projects 2010

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          This page of the website follows projects taking place at the Arizona and Pacific Railroad and gives visitors a chance to see the progress that was made in 2010.


          With all of the projects underway around here, it wasn’t too surprising that we managed to stay busy in November.

          We had multiple welding projects on the Bumble Bee engine frame continuing to fill holes, replace damaged brackets etc. Extensive welding was completed on the cab roof and on the tender end to repair prior damage.

Bumble Bee Cab

Lot's of welding took place on the Bumble Bee Cab

Bumble Bee Cab

Closer view of the Bumble Bee Cab

          We rebuilt the pilot making it 1 ½ inches narrower. It was a bit wider than the standard S-16 pilot and scraped along the loading platform here on the A & P. We wanted to rule out the possibility of damage or injuries later on so we narrowed the pilot ¾ inch on both sides, but kept all the same proportions. When we had it apart we also straightened and replaced a couple of the tubes that were bent. I think it looks pretty good. I still have to modify the uncoupling lever, but that will happen next month.

          We designed, fabricated and installed the transmission shifting linkage on the Bumble Bee. I like the railroad look of a lever and wanted to keep it entirely inside the cab and the boiler which took a bit of engineering, but we figured it out and it works great.

Shifting Mechanism

Transmission shifting lever and linkage for the Bumble Bee Engine

Shifting Mechanism

Transmission shifting lever

          We completed more, but not all of the hard plumbing. The fuel line remains to be finished. The brake lines and lines to the vacuum gauges are complete

          We drilled out the boiler rivets and removed the two small brass bands around the boiler. They will be replaced with three larger brass bands.

          I received via UPS the last of the bushings I’ll need for the false drive wheel assemblies.

          The plates for the side of the headlights and the boiler arrived and are ready for installation.

Bumblebee Plates

Builder's plate and one of the number plates for the Bumble Bee Engine

          We finished rewiring the tender and its back up light.

          We fabricated the pig tail wire bundle from the engine to the tender and completed the last of the hoses that connect the engine and the tender

          We received the short connecting rods that Russ Robinson fabricated for us on his CNC mill. They look awesome and even better after being polished. He also made our transition blocks which also look great. The false drive wheel assembly is starting to take shape in the shop.

Short Connecting Rodss

Short connecting rods for the Bumble Bee false drive wheel assembly

Transition Blocks

Transition blocks for the false drive wheel assembly

          We installed the carburetor and the fuel pump on the engine that will go in the Bumble Bee early next year.

          We also made some progress on the G-16 this month.

          We bent, fit and welded up our G-16 headers. They still need sanded and painted and the correct hardware, but they look great. We also got the carburetor installed. We located a number of the original light sockets we were looking for and got them installed. We got our number board castings back after some aluminum welding and had them polished. We are working on the number lenses and hope to have them ready in the next month or so.

G-16 Headers

The headers and carburetor have been installed on the G-16

G-16 Exhaust

G-16 exhaust pipes

G-16 Number Boards

G-16 number board castings

          We started reinstalling the seat in the G-16.

          We rewelded the four g-16 smokestacks to the hood from the bottom. They had torn partially away and we wanted a clean factory look from the top. We are going to hinge our hood and will get started on that probably in January or February.

          I spent some time on our display of Allan Herschell and MTC catalogs and sales literature in the engine house. There is still plenty of room for contributions…

Allan Herschell Display

Miniature Train Company (MTC) literature display case

Allan Herschell Display

Allan Herschell literature display case

          We sanded, stained and resealed the water tank and painted the white trim on the Santa Fe phone booth.