Arizona and Pacific RR Interactive Aerial Photo

Arizona & Pacific Railroad



          The A&P RR water tank stands 12 feet high and is 61 inches in diameter. Construction on the 5/12 water tank started in early 2004 and completed in November of 2005.

          The barrel slats are hickory with a 1 degree bevel on each side to achieve a tighter joint. The water tank also features a hickory soffit and custom designed steel rings that have been powder coated in black paint.

          The roof infrastructure is all steel with a plywood and dimensional shingle covering. The spout counter weight, guide rods and bottom plate are all stainless steel as are the weight for the water depth gauge and the lightning rod.

          The spout was custom built from several pieces of steel pipe cut, welded and ground to the desired dimensions. The scale ladder is functional and the frost box conceals our plumbing.

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