Daisy Mountain Railroad at Anthem

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Daisy Mountain Railroad

The Daisy Mountain Railroad

The Daisy Mountain Railroad in Anthem, Arizona

          The Daisy Mountain Railroad is a 24 inch gauge railroad located in the community park at Anthem, Arizona a planned community about 25 miles north of Phoenix. Originally opened during the community's grand opening in 2000, the railroad resumed operations in October of 2002 after a several month hiatus for reasons that vary depending on the source.

          The beautiful landscaping is a highlight of this park railroad. Featured on the DMRR are a trestle across a small lake, a tunnel through a faux rock outcropping, lush green landscaping, several sparkling water falls and an eye-catching playground for young children.

Anthem Community Park

Anthem community park

View from across the lake

View from across the lake

Atop the tunnel

View from the top of the tunnel

Lakeside Beauty

Lakeside beauty

Distant Trestle

Trestle in the distance

Trestle up Close

Closer view of the trestle


One of many waterfalls

Adventure Playground

Adventure Playground

          The approximately 2800 feet of track is a modified dogbone design with a loop on each end. It carefully winds it way past a tiered seating area cut into a sloping hill, past skateboard ramps, softball and soccer fields, through the tunnel, along the catch and release lakes, passes the depot and circles the children's playground before slowing to a stop at the loading platform.

Front View of Platform

Loading platform

Side View of Platform

Loading platform side view

          There is a challenging grade as the locomotive climbs the slope from the tunnel toward the loading platform. The tunnel is nicely done and serves as a secure storage facility for the railroad equipment when it isn't operating. The loading platform is spacious, well-designed and attractive. Crossing signals which flash and ring to warn of the oncoming train add to the railroad ambiance. The depot building, unfortunately, looks like a pagoda - not sure how they got so far off track on that one...

Depot and Platform

Depot and loading platform



          The motive power on the line is provided by a steam-outline engine built by Jerry Shipman of J & E Enterprises in Chandler, Arizona. The engineer sits in the locomotive cab as the motor, which is actually in the tender, pushes the locomotive along the track. Three comfortable and well-built coaches and a caboose fill out the rolling stock roster.

Sideview of the Engine

Side view of the engine

Another Front View

Another front view of the engine

          The leisurely ride lasts about 10 minutes. For ticket prices, days and hours of operation contact the depot at (623)551-5880.

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