Arborway, TT and Northwestern Railroad

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Arborway, TT & Northwestern Railroad

The Arborway, TT & Northwestern Railroad

The Arborway, TT & Northwestern Railroad in Steeleville, Missouri

          Located in Steelville, Missouri the privately owned Arborway, TT & Northwestern Railroad is on a scale like no other. John Woods graciously opened the ATT&NW RR for the 2007 Grand Scales miniature railroad convention held September 14-16, 2007. The 325 rail enthusiasts who attended the 3 day event were treated to the awe inspiring accomplishment that is the ATT&NW RR.

First View

Watertank and Depot


The 801 named for Tee Tee's birthday of August 8th

Diesel Engine

Diesel Engine and Consist

Bell Gardens Train

Former Bell Garden's Luxury Train

          The ATT&NW RR features a 3 story brick depot, watertank, beautiful 10 stall engine house, 40' turntable, 4 track carbarn, 4 wye's, two tunnels, a trestle, an impressive signal system, multiple lakes & abundant wildlife.


3 Story Brick Depot


Functional Watertank


10 Stall Roundhouse and 40' Turntable


4 Track Carbarn

Deer Ridge Tunnel

Deer Ridge Tunnel

Ozark Tunnel

Ozark Mountain Tunnel


One of countless signals along the right-of-way


An albino deer is sighted from the train

          The right-of-way on the ATT&NW RR is more than 5 miles long, much of it with double track. Even more amazing is they are calling this "phase 1" of the railroad. The beautiful 801 steam engine built by Darrell Klompmaker is just one of several engines on the ATT&NW RR that features more than 30 other pieces of rolling stock. During the grand scales convention several visiting 15" gauge engines were also running on this impressive railroad and many can be seen in our photographs.


The 801

Don Guill's 611

The depot can be seen in the reflection of Don Guill's #611

Side by Side

#611 and #801 Pose Side by Side

Buckwalter Engine

John Buckwalter of Paisley, Florida's Beautiful #3 engine

          The Arborway, TT & Northwestern Railroad's official website can be found here: Arborway, TT & Northwestern Railroad

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