Encanto Park

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Enchanted Island Express

Encanto Park's Enchanted Island Express

The Encanto Park Enchanted Island Express in Phoenix, Arizona

          The Enchanted Island Express is a 24 inch gauge railroad located on the Enchanted Island in Encanto Park at 1202 W. Encanto Boulevard in Phoenix, Arizona. Encanto Park was originally developed in the late 1930's and is home to hundreds of towering palm trees, a picturesque series of ponds, lagoons and canals, mature foliage and expansive grassy lawns on its 222 acres in central Phoenix. Picnic ramadas, two golf courses, softball fields, basketball courts, hiking trails and "The Enchanted Island" kiddieland are among the attractions that draw people to the park.

Encanto Park

Encanto Park

Enchanted Island

Welcome to Enchanted Island

          The Enchanted Island kiddieland was created in 1991 when the southern portion of the park was redesigned and relandscaped. The original kiddieland at Encanto Park was established in 1946 and like the local Wallace and Ladmo show, was an institution with the children who grew up in Phoenix in the fifties, sixties and seventies. The original kiddieland at the park featured a Miniature Train Company G-16 (No. 516) and several Allan Herschell Company rides including the "Little Dipper", "Sky Fighter" and carousel. The Miniature train layout was enlarged by the addition of 1/2 mile of track and a signal system in 1951. The kiddieland eventually fell into disrepair and was removed in 1986 during the redesign of the park.


Original Kiddieland at Encanto Park

60's Kiddieland

Encanto Park Kiddieland in the 1960's


Encanto Park's Kiddieland also featured a Miniature Train Company G-12.
Right to Left: Jack Kamrar, Unknown, John Hoover
Photo courtesy of the Kamrar family

          Donations and contributions from a local fund drive allowed the original carousel to be restored and moved the short distance to Enchanted Island where it is the centerpiece of the nine rides in the new kiddieland. The MTC G-16 has been replaced in the new incarnation of the kiddieland with a 24 inch gauge C.P. Huntington.


Herschell carousel

C.P. Huntington

C.P. Huntington

          The C.P. Huntington, No. 245 has a silver, black and chrome paint scheme and reportedly was the first one to utilize that color pattern at the time of delivery in 1991. Followed by its three green coaches, the engine winds its way along one of the waterways, past several picnic areas, across a grassy open area and by several palm trees as it curls its way through a double loop track configuration and slows to a stop back at the first-rate loading platform. The leisurely 5/8 mile ride takes about seven minutes to complete. Several crossing signals manufactured by Chance Industries, a short tunnel and the loading platform are the primary railroad amenities.

Leaving the Depot

Leaving the depot


Passing by palmtrees


Passing other kiddieland rides


Short tunnel

Encanto Station

Encanto station

End View of Station

View of rail leaving the station

Approaching the Depot

Approaching the depot

C.P. Huntington

Front view of C.P. Huntington

          For ticket prices, days and hours of operation visit the: Enchanted Island website

Park Residents

Residents of the park watch the approaching train

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