Forest Park Miniature Railroad

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Forest Park Miniature Railroad

The Forest Park Miniature Railroad

The Forest Park Miniature Railroad in Fort Worth, Texas

          Located in Fort Worth, Texas the Forest Park Miniature Railroad features five miles of 24" gauge track that travels from Forest Park to Trinity Park and winds it's way along and across the Trinity River.

Forest Park Depot

Forest Park depot

Trinity River

Tracks along the Trinity River

Forest Park Miniature Railroad

Traveling between depots

Trinity Park Depot

Trinity Park depot

          When it first opened to the public in 1959 the Forest Park Miniature Railroad's motive power consisted of two G-16's and an S-16 with a rare "B" unit that looked like a baggage car.

Forest Park S-16

Postcard showing Forest Park's S-16

          In 1973 the track was re-gauged to 24" and new CP Huntington trains were placed into service. Today there are three CP Huntingtons at the Forest Park Miniature Railroad. Number 102 is painted green and yellow, number 104 is orange and yellow and number 105 is painted black. Each of the three engines have their own 7 coaches that make up their consist. On weekends and busy days two trains are placed into service on the railroad.

CP Huntington #105

Number 105 awaits passengers at the Forest Park depot


Engines 102 and 104 have the day off

          The trains cross 6 bridges along their scenic 40 minute journey. The two which can be spotted from the Forest Park Depot include a 350 foot girder bridge and a 171 foot truss bridge (171 feet from abutment to abutment with 90 feet of truss).

350 foot Girder Bridge

350 foot girder bridge

171 Foot Truss Bridge

171 foot truss bridge

          The Forest Park Miniature Railroad's official website can be found here: Forest Park Miniature Railroad

Returning to the Depot

Returning to the Forest Park depot


A curious onlooker at the Trinity Park depot

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