Hillcrest and Wahtoke Railroad

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Hillcrest & Wahtoke Railroad

The Hillcrest & Wahtoke Railroad

The Hillcrest & Wahtoke Railroad in Reedley, California

          Located in Reedley, California the Hillcrest and Wahtoke Railroad features a little over a mile of 15" gauge track. The H&W RR hosted the 2003 and 2005 Grand Scales conventions. Our most recent trip to Sean and Melissa Bautista's beautiful railroad was during the 2007 Reedley Railfest held October 13th, 2007.


Taking on Water

steam engines

Visiting Steam Engines

Stem Engine

The Sequoia Approaching Hillcrest

Leaving the Station

#13 Leaving Hillcrest

          Several visiting 15" gauge steam engines were in attendance including the California State Railway Museum's "Sonoma", the Redwood Valley Railway's "Sequoia", The Glenwood, South Park & Pacific's #13, #5 and their wood burning Tom Thumb style "1 spot".


The Sonoma Built By Frank Allen in 1990


The Redwood Valley Railway's Sequoia

GSP&P RR #13

The Glenwood South Park & Pacific's #13

One Spot

GSP&P RR's "One Spot" Tom Thumb Engine

          The Hillcrest shops also do restoration work on larger gauge railroads. The founder of Pixar studios John Lasseter commissioned them to restore the 36" gauge Deer Lake Park & Julian RR Engine named "Marie E" and consist formerly owned by legendary Disney Animator Ollie Johnston for a special May 10th, 2005 run at Disneyland. John Lasseter's video presentation of the event was the highlight of the 2005 Grand Scales Convention

          The Hillcrest Shops are currently restoring a 36" gauge Brookville engine for Mr. Lasseter and have begun restoring one of the original Disneyland passenger coaches for another client.

Marie E.

The DLP&J RR's "Marie E"


John Lasseter takes his Brookville for a Run

Disney Car

Original Disneyland Coach

Painted Desert

The Painted Desert Being Restored

          In addition to running a beautiful railroad and restoring larger gauge engines and rolling stock, the Hillcrest shops build and sell engines, rolling stock, switches and other necessities for grand scale railroaders. The Hillcrest and Wahtoke Railroad's official website can be found here: Hillcrest & Wahtoke Railroad


A Davenport Engine Built by the Hillcrest Shops


Hillcrest's 3 Stall Car Barn

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