Scottsdale Live Steamers

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Scottsdale Live Steamers

The Scottsdale Live Steamers

The Scottsdale Live Steamers at McCormick Railroad Park in Scottsdale, Arizona

          The Scottsdale Live Steamers are located within the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park at the southeast corner of Scottsdale and Indian Bend roads in Scottsdale, Arizona. The eighty acre site plays host to the Scottsdale Live Steamers, the 15" Paradise and Pacific railroad, a 1950's Allan Herschell carousel, 3 model railroad clubs, and several other railroad related buildings, displays and delights.

Enjoying the Ride

Enroute to Pick Up Passengers

In the yard

Leaving the Loading Platform

Steam Engine

4-6-0 Steam Engine


Diesel Engine Lettered for SLS

          The Scottdale Live Steamers have approximately 3000 ft of 7 1/2" gauge track that surrounds the Sunrise Rotary Xeriscape Arboretum featuring plants that are well suited to desert life. The right of way also encompasses two of the only 3 authentic Navajo Indian Hogans which exist off the Northern Arizona reservation.

train ride

A view from behind the engine

Indian Hogans

Passing the Navajo Hogans

          The layout is comprised of two main loops. The outer loop crosses over a tunnel that the inner loop passes through. The nearly 7 minute ride takes passengers past the engine house, around the arboretum and through the main yard a twice before returning them to the impressive loading platform.


Southern End of the Tunnel


A View of the Inner and Outer Loop Trestles

Loading Platform

The Loading Platform

Engine House

Spacious Engine House

          The Scottsdale Live Steamers operate on Sundays from 12:00 to 5:00 PM. There is no charge for rides, but donations are gladly accepted.

SLS Logo

Scottsdale Live Steamers Logo

Close Up

A Close Up View of the Engine

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