Storyland Valley Zoo

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Storyland Valley Zoo

The Storyland Valley Zoo

The Storyland Valley Zoo in Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Note: Unfortunately the classic miniature trains featured below are no longer running at the Valley Zoo. The community service folks sent a message saying "Please note that the train is no longer operational and has been replaced with an electronic and more environmentally friendly version". For information pertaining to the Valley Zoo and it's attractions please refer to the Valley Zoo webpage.

          Located in beautiful Edmonton, Alberta Canada, the Storyland Valley Zoo officially opened its doors for the first time on July 1st, 1959. The Edmonton Visitor's Guide from that same year said "This delightful story-book Zoo is unique in North America. Small animals and fowl which may be safely approached by small children inhabit whimsically designed houses straight from a child's fairy tale book. Designed to appeal to children, this little land of fantasy is meant to provide a happy atmosphere in which small children and small animals may get acquainted and feel at home with one another".

          From it's humble 5 acre beginning, the Zoo has grown to more than 70 acres and is now home to over 350 animals. Even though the name has changed to "Valley Zoo", it has still maintained a petting zoo area, and much of it's story-book charm.

Storyland Valley Zoo 1959

Storyland Valley Zoo in 1959

Circling the Zoo

Circling the Zoo in 2001

          The Valley Zoo has two trains: The "Little Western Railway" an Allan Herschell S-16 acquired in 1959 that pulls 3 left hand load S-16 coaches, and the "Valley Zoo Express" a Miniature Train Company G-16 acquired in 1965. The G-16 Suburban has a locomotive, two center cars, and an observation car. The trains delight riders as they traverse nearly 1/3 of a mile of track throughout the Zoo. Among the highlights of the ride are the 6 foot 9 inch high trestle that crosses the entrance to "The Little Zoo" area, the 125 foot long tunnel, and the steeply graded curve that takes the train back through the charming storybook theme railway station.

Storyland Valley Zoo

"Little Western Railway" S16

Storyland Valley Zoo

"Valley Zoo Express" G16

          The days and hours of operation for the trains can be found at the City of Edmonton's web page. Additional information pertaining to the Valley Zoo can be found at the Valley Zoo webpage.

Trestle over the Little Zoo

Trestle over the entrance to the "Little Zoo" petting area


The Tunnel

Old Mill and Frog Pond

The "Old Mill" and Frog Pond in the 1960's

Old Mill Circle

Circling the "Old Mill" on the return to the station in 2001

Storyland Valley Zoo Depot ~1960

Storyland Valley Zoo Depot early 1960's

Storyland Valley Zoo Depot

Valley Zoo Depot in 2001

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