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Trail Dust Town Railroad

The Trail Dust Town Railroad

The Trail Dust Town Railroad in Tucson, Arizona

          Construction began over 50 years ago on Trail Dust Town, Tucson's most popular western theme attraction. Wooden plank sidewalks and red brick streets line the way to restaurants, shops, and galleries. A banquet facility is available for large parties and conventions. Trail Dust town boasts many other attractions as well. Among them are: The "Dragoon Street Wild, Wild, West Stunt Show", the "Museum of the Horse Soldier", the "Rifle Saloon" shooting gallery, gold panning at the 'ol terrible mine, the "Fiesta del Presidio Carousel (a 1920's Allan Herschell Carousel), and a C.P. Huntington Train Ride.


Trail Dust Town saloon

Street Scene

Street scene

          The 24" gauge C.P. Huntington train came to Trail Dust Town in July of 1996. The engine (Number 287) pulls a consist of two passenger cars. Among the ammenities of the railroad are several western themed buildings and structures, 2 tunnels, 3 Chance Industries crossing signals, a Chance Industries crossing gate, and one of the most beautiful depot's I've ever seen. The depot is an accurate reproduction of the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western station at Wallace, New York built in 1882. It serves as retail space for an icecream, candy and gift shop, as well as a loading platform for the train.

No. 287

C.P. Huntington No. 287


Awaiting passengers at the depot


Trail Dust Town depot


Reproduction of 1882 DL&W station at Wallace, New York

          Once the train leaves the depot it starts passengers on "an excursion through the great American frontier". The journey begins with passage through the Trail Dust cemetery. A short while later the train passes through an Indian village. A long straight-away brings the train to a tunnel that's overgrown with vegetation. Inside the tunnel is the "Lost City of Gold". After emerging on the other side of the tunnel, the train circles past Indian teepees on the outskirts of "Fort Trail Dust", an old log-style cavalry fort. From there it's just a short distance across the front of the fort to the freight depot. While passing the entrance to the fort, passengers can catch a glimpse of Trail Dust Town inside the fort's walls. After leaving the freight depot the train enters Fort Trail Dust and makes its way to "The Ol' Terrible Mine". Exiting the opposite side of the mine brings passengers back out into the light of day and just a few moments removed from their return to the Trail Dust Town depot. The excursion lasts approximately 8 minutes and is quite enjoyable.


The Engineer prepares to depart


Trail Dust Town cemetery

Indian Village

Indian village


Fort Trail Dust outpost

Fort Trail Dust

Train entrance to Fort Trail Dust

'Ol Terrible Mine

'Ol Terrible Mine

          For ticket prices, days and hours of operation visit the Trail Dust Town website.

Front View

Front view of C.P. Huntington

Rear View

Rear view of passenger car


1920's Allan Herschell carousel


Train board

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