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Uesugi Farms

The Uesugi Farms Railroad

The Uesugi Farms Railroad in Morgan City, California

          Located in Morgan City, California, Uesugi Farms annual pumpkin patch features a pyramid made of 40,000 pumpkins, fields of beautiful marigolds and sun flowers, but most of all it offers guests an opportunity to ride on a magnificently restored Allan Herschell S24 Iron Horse.

Uesugi  Farms S24

Allan Herschell S24 "Iron Horse"

2005 Pumpkin Patch

Uesugi Farms 2005 Pumpkin Patch

          In addition to the Herschell Iron Horse there is also an Arrow Streamliner in service at Uesugi Farms. The trains operate daily in the month of October and the ride takes passengers through the tunnel, around the pumpkin patch, past a field of marigolds and sunflowers to an old farmhouse and barn. It is one of the most picturesque miniature train rides you'll ever take.

Pumpkins and Flowers

"Circling the pumpkin patch"


"Iron Horse passing a field of marigolds"

Riding the Iron Horse

Enjoying a ride on the Iron Horse

Herschell S24

Beautifully Restored S24

Arrow Streamliner

Arrow Streamliner

Observation Car

Observation Car

          In addition to the miniature train rides and pumpkins, Uesugi Farms offers a corn maze for kids, a farmer's market, live entertainment and refreshments.

          Hours of operation vary so visit the official website here: Uesugi Farms

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