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Wildlife World Zoo African Train Ride

The Wildlife World Zoo Railroad

The Wildlife World Zoo Railroad in Litchfield Park, Arizona

          Located in Litchfield Park Arizona, the Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium exhibits more than 600 species of animals on 95 acres. With more than 3,000 animals, it boasts the largest collection of exotic animals in Arizona. It features aquariums totaling more than 180,000 gallons. It also features rides which include: a log flume, a sky ride, a tram ride and most importantly a miniature train ride.


Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium

Sea Lions

Sea Lions at the Aquarium

          The zoo opened in 1984 and the railroad was established circa 1997. I've been visiting and riding the train since 2002. Here's a link to my original article in 2002 which was updated in 2006. Wildlife World Zoo Railroad

          In late 2014 the original J&E engine and coaches were retired and replaced with a new CP Huntington engine and two new coaches from Chance Rides.

CP Huntington

CP Huntington Engine #380

CP Huntington

New Engine and coaches at the station

          The 24" gauge "African Train Ride" takes passengers 5/8 of a mile through an animal enclosure at one end of a dog bone and around the children's petting zoo at the other end of the dog bone track layout. The trip takes approximately 8 minutes and the engineer provides commentary about the various animals encountered along the way.

Track Layout

A map showing the train ride layout

CP Huntington

A view of the train from the sky ride

          Antelope, scimitar horned oryx, gazelles, ostriches and waterbuck are among the many animals the train passes on it's journey. Some seem to enjoy standing on the tracks.


A scimitar horned oryx stands on the tracks ahead of the approaching train


Waiting on an ostrich to clear the track


Traveling through the African Safari animal enclosure

Feeding Station

As we approach the trestle you can see the giraffe feeding station in the distance


          The Wildlife World Zoo is open 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM seven days a week, 365 days a year. For train ticket prices, days and hours of operation visit the Wildlife World Zoo website.


A hungry giraffe waits at the feeding station


A lion enjoys the sunshine

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