Flagstaff and Middle Verde RR

Flagstaff and Middle Verde Railroad

Flagstaff and Middle Verde Railroad

Fall 2007 Meet

The Flagstaff and Middle Verde Railroad, Camp Verde, Arizona

          Early ominous looking clouds didn’t scare away any guests and October 6, 2007 turned out to be a warm and sunny day on the F & MV. Guests from as far away as Ontario, Canada attended the event hosted by Malcolm Mackey. Guests were treated to first class, second class and no class service. The plush cushioned seats of the “Verde Vista” coach were a big hit with the first class passengers. Bench seats in the open car comprised second class service and no frills passage aboard the tool car was the third tier of service available.

Eden Depot

Passengers Load and Unload at Eden Depot


Crossing the Trestle

          Engines No. 1 and 2 saw considerable action as did the track inspection car. Guests were treated to numerous rides, tours of the engine house and car barn and guest engineers received training on each locomotive and had the opportunity to operate an engine.

Two Engines

Preparing to Pass Engine no. 2


Engine no. 1 and Consist Approach Hilltop

          Good food, good company and good times were enjoyed by all who attended the event. For more about the F&MV RR visit the Guide to Arizona's Miniature Railroads' Flagstaff and Middle Verde Railroad page.

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