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Arizona & Pacific Railroad

Photo Tour of the A&P RR

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Photos of the Arizona & Pacific Railroad continued...

          Large rolling gates lead the A&P roadbed into the front of the property. The park-like atmosphere of the rear section of the property changes dramatically as the rail passes through the large gates. The front of the property is landscaped in an urban desert theme and includes manicured grass areas within the rugged gravel terrain. Ninety-five tons of gravel and almost as much dirt was added to the front yard after the track was laid to create the contours and elevation around the right-of-way. On some railroads the roadbed is cut through the terrain - here we added the terrain after the railroad... We also added more than 50 massive granite bolders, eight large trees, more than 100 feet of granite dry-pack retaining walls and hundreds of feet of extruded curbing.

          The additional trees and creation of five areas of extensive ground cover required designing an expansive underground sprinkler system and laying several hundred feet of pipe. We also added an extensive lighting system for the landscaping in the front yard that highlights areas of particular interest. The railroad follows a long cut as it makes it's way across the front of the property and winds its way north and then west toward the Pacific. Please note it currently stops about 350 miles short of the ocean... You can visit this site periodically for updates on the extension of the right-of-way.

East Gate

The Eastern Gate before landscaping

Western Gates

The Western Gates


Track work progressing East


A similiar view today


Completed tracks looking West


A more recent view


Looking North


Entering the same corner

Phoenix in the New Landscaping

Phoenix enjoying the new landscaping

Phoenix in the Western Cut

Leaving the Western Cut

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