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Restoration Activities on the Arizona & Pacific Continued...

          The original color scheme of the S-16 was green, black and white. We chose burgundy, light blue and charcoal gray as our colors for the "Phoenix". We also converted from the original 6 volt electrical system to a state of the art 12 volt system and added enhanced sensors, electronics and monitoring gauges. We upgraded the "quick connect" hose fittings and utilized commercial trailer male/female wiring connections between cars. We added some brass to the engine and a great deal of brass to the tender during our restoration and feel it blends nicely with the original design. The "Phoenix" was completed in late 2000.


Phoenix stripped down to the frame


Rebuilding several trucks

Painted Frame

The Cab, Frame, and Pilot after body work and paint

Fresh Primer

The boiler's new primer


Painted and ready for the false drive wheels

False Drive Wheels

False drive wheels

False Drive Wheels in Place

Ready to be lettered

Ready for service

Lettered and ready for service


The Instrument panel "before"


The Instrument panel "after"

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