Desert Breeze Park Railroad

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Desert Breeze Park Railroad

The Desert Breeze Park Railroad

The Desert Breeze Park Railroad in Chandler, Arizona

          Desert Breeze Park located in Chandler, Arizona offers an urban fishing lake, tennis courts, children's playground equipment and most importantly, a 16" gauge miniature train. The approximately 7 minute train ride covers 5/8 of a mile and features some attractive scenery for the minimal passenger fare.

Desert Breeze Railroad

Desert Breeze Railroad


Diesel Engine Awaits Passengers

          The track is a "dogbone and loop design" that crosses a 25 foot trestle, and follows the contour of an urban fishing lake before circling around a grassy knoll at end of the dogbone. After retracing it's steps along the lake and over the trestle, the train travels through a tunnel disguised as an old west mining town, passes by some playground equipment and circles the tennis courts. Near the end of the journey, the train crosses a low, but impressive 150 foot long trestle as the tracks guide the train back to the loading platform where it will await the next group of anxious passengers.

Trestle Front

Front view of the First Trestle

Trestle Side

Side View of the First Trestle

following the lake

Following the Contours of the Lake

Grassy Knoll

A View from the Grassy Knoll


The Tunnel / Old West Mining Town

Long Trestle

A View of the Long Trestle

          The train concession at the park was closed for quite some time when it's original owners J&E Enterprises filed for bankruptcy. According to newspaper articles the engine and cars disappeared in the middle of the night and the City of Chandler was suprised to find the gates locked and a handwritten sheet of paper stating the train concession was closed. After fielding numerous angry phone calls from park patrons wanting to ride the train, the City of Chandler posted a sign explaining why the train was not running.

Bankruptcy Sign

Bankruptcy Sign

          On October 9th, 2004 the train concession was once again opened to the public. Bill Capell who owns and runs the train concessions at Freestone Park in Gilbert, Arizona, the Enchanted Island Express in Phoenix, Arizona and the Daisy Mountain Railroad in Anthem Arizona stepped in and brought a train back to Desert Breeze Park.

Grand Re-Opening

The much anticipated grand re-opening

Ticket Booth

The ticket booth open for business

Passing the Playground

Passing the playground


The train's return delighted families

          The run days and hours of operation can be found at the Desert Breeze Railroad website.

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